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Coated Duplex Board

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Packing Paper, White Clay Coated Carton Duplex Board

Packing Paper, White Clay Coated Carton Duplex Board

Coated white board paper coated surface high whiteness, smoothness, and ink absorbency and print glossiness are good, the board itself also has the very good stiffness and folding, so can not only for high quality color offset printing and gravure printing, and can meet the requirements of the packaging, is a good material of producing high-grade goods packing box.

Product Details

Duplex Board Grey & White back 
1)High surface intensity suitable for any kind famous brand high-speed 4/6 colors offset printer, for example HEIDELBERG,ROLAND, KBA, MITSUBISHI, LITHRONE etc..
2)Super surface coating, good surface smoothness, stable ink absorb-ability, low surface roughness and rich printing dots, makes excellent printing result.
3)Coating: single side coating with grey back; double side coating with white 
back;Good surface decoration feature assures excellent calendaring, hot- 
stamping and laminating result.
4)Printing: fresh colorful offset printability
5)Outstanding paper stiffness is a strong support for carton laminating and die-cutting.


Used extensively in Packaging, Printing and Laminating
1 Packaging material for small boxes,like Gift box,Shoes box, Cigarette box, Wine box, Tea box, Toy box, Medicine box, Toothpaste box, Butter wrapping box, Food box, etc.
2 Widely used and supplied in printing area, single side color printing,then make cartons which are used as packaging, or used in the design, manual products.
3 Also can be used as a commodity tag, plate and the tap of blister packaging.

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