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Coated Duplex Board

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White Coated Duplex Board With Grey Back

White Coated Duplex Board With Grey Back

Duplex Paper With Grey Back Profileable and embossable Dyed brown, one-side white, Grey mute

Product Details

Product Description

Coated Duplex board grey back is a type of boxboard with a glossy coated surface on one side for 
superior printability.
This product is typically used as packaging material for small boxes that require high quality printability.
Essential information
Type: roll & sheet                                                           
Substance: 230/250/300/350/400/450/500gsm
Grade: AA/A/AB
Regular size: 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm, 700*1000mm, 673*838mm (OEM available)
1) Good printability.
2) Strict quality control.
3) Strong stiffness and excellent folding resistance.
4) Adaptable to after processing procedures and can be applied to particular requirements of different
products package.
Specifications of duplex board grey back                                

Grammage g/m2   230
Thickness mm  ≥0.28  ≥0.31  ≥0.335  ≥0.37  ≥0.44  ≥0.495
Moisture%                                 6~10
Smoothness s                                 ≥80
Brightness%                                 ≥80
Stiffness CD/MD Nm ≥2.5/5.75 ≥3.0/6.90 ≥3.8/8.74 ≥4.5/10.35 ≥7.0/16.0 ≥10.0/21.5
Bending resistance time                                 ≥10
Ink KN%                                18~26
Water Absorption up g/m2                                25~50
Burst strength up kPa  ≥500  ≥550  ≥580  ≥630  ≥650  ≥700
IGT m/s                                 0.8

Packing and Delivery
1) In Ream: normally 100 sheets per ream, warpped with PE film (waterproof film), 4 angles protected.  
2) In Rolls: PE film (waterproof film) wrapped, 4 angles protected.
3) In Sheets: bulk packed on strong wooden pallets wrapped with PE film (waterproof film), 4 angles 
4) Delivery time: 30-40 days after deposit


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