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Ashes of white cardboard and paper what's the difference
Nov 30, 2016

White paper than gray white cardboard a little harder, a little thicker. White cardboard smoother, whiter, and both are white smooth surface and white paper-a white smooth surface on one side is grey and rough surfaces.

Uses distinction:

White paper suitable for printing and packaging of the product, and can be used for invitations, certificates, menus, calendars and postcards of the month, or similar products.

White paper is a positive sign is white and smooth, gray on the back end of the cardboard, made this Board is mainly used for single-sided printing tray for use in packaging.

Weight difference:

1, gray-white card is divided into 200 grams respectively at the end of g, 230 g, 250 g, 270 g, 300 g, 350 g, 400 g, 450 g. This weight represents a/g.

2, paper General weight: 230g,250g,270g,300g,350g,400g,450g,500g.