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Basic types of coated Whiteboard paper
Nov 30, 2016

Common coated Whiteboard paper depending on the quality level is divided into a, b, c, e, f, five grades. Commonly used are a b c (in some areas into AB, BC grade, in Fuyang, Zhejiang). Selection, should take into account aspects such as product type, size, and quality level.

A white paper: use bleached chemical wood pulp, core and Kraft pulp, mechanical pulp and fine paper at the bottom, its good folding resistance, used in the production of small cartons.

B-white paper: surface using bleached chemical wood pulp or first-class white paper core and the bottom using waste paper pulp.

C-white paper: use a b-type paper lower raw material

Basic structure

Coated cloth Whiteboard paper by two times coated cloth layer, and surface layer, and core layer, and bottom, and once or two times coated cloth layer constitute, as Figure 1 by shows: 1 layer and 5 layer for coated cloth layer, its role is improve coated cloth Whiteboard paper of white degrees and printing effect; 2, and 4 layer for sulfate pulp, and mechanical pulp, and off ink Hou of waste newsprint pulp, its role is keep Whiteboard paper of strength and white degrees; 3 layer for mixed of waste newsprint pulp, and waste magazine, and waste corrugated board pulp, its role is increased Whiteboard paper of thickness, and reduced Whiteboard paper of cost, and Improve the ink absorption of white paper.