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Classification of plastic pallets
Nov 30, 2016

Shape classification

Double-sided type: this type of plastic pallets can be used for both, widely used for stacking and shelf.

Single-sided: can be divided into shelves and basic and common type, choose different according to different ways of using single-card board.

Plate type: surface roughness and surface are mostly flat, some flat-plate has a little hole.

Grid type: surface roughness and surface are mostly for the grid.

Structural classification

Nine-foot plastic card: card Board back nine-foot distribution and square sides of the card and the four corners there are four foot upright feet nine feet in the Middle, usually three feet are side-by-side parallel to the three sets of legs.

Chuan-shaped plastic pallets: nine-foot plastic Chuck plate shape based on the opposite side parallel to the three sets of legs the opposite distribution of plastic pallets.

Tin-shaped plastic pallets: nine-plastic pallets based opposite horizontal shape of the three groups of the opposite foot and three feet of vertical parallel distribution of plastic pallets.