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Plastic card advantages
Nov 30, 2016

1, with regard to corrosion resistance, best plastic pallets, wood, and steel pallets is the worst;

2, in terms of resistance to humidity, excellent plastic pallets;

3, in terms of resistance to insects, best steel pallets, plastic pallets is the second;

4, in terms of life expectancy, steel pallets and plastic pallets is hard to equal;

5, on the weight of pallets, paper, wood pallets have a certain advantage;

6, on the bearing capacity of steel pallets work best; bad paper card Board;

7, in performance, plastic and steel pallets are better than paper, wooden pallets;

8, card price, advantage of wooden pallets, paper and wood, and steel pallets the most expensive.

However, in actual use, according to different uses, some boards are hard to replace. For example when carrying heavy objects, steel pallets are not replaced. But in General, plastic, plastic-wood composite and paper card Board is one of the most promising products, and among them, the plastic card is the best.