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Shadow play poker on paper-cut gold dress
Nov 30, 2016

Opening of the World Expo to date, Shaanxi Yutian-puppet show troupe from China stole the Museum Show. Yesterday, has just returned from the World Expo of shadow puppeteers Hou Xinmin told reporters that their performance is not only popular, shadow puppets, paper cuts folk art has become a World Expo licensed products, is very popular.

Expo licensed products in the puppet characters have names, their image on the cards; those wearing Chinese costume, kimono, Mexico-style clothing 10 treasure such as paper-cutting, was also made into a metal paper-cut bookmark these ideas make a lot of people's eyes light up. Shanghai creative industry Center of the Secretary-General said He Zengqiang, intangible cultural heritage is not only needed rescue, inheritance, need more technological innovation and cultural creativity, so as to realize the objective of protection.

This time, into the Expo-puppet, paper-cutting is the most original characteristic of Shaanxi folk art. According to reports, the repackage process of paper cutting is not easy, because it made of 0.5 mm thick copper bookmark process extremely difficult, Expo Special Representative Zhang Jianjun even found more than more than 20 units, success only after the experiment several times. "Intangible cultural heritage" shadow puppet figure engraved on the poker into the Expo, also called for the first time. Zhang Jianjun, said: "to explore this more systematic and in-depth promotion of the historical and cultural connotation of the shadow. "Rain Club, Lei Wendong, Shaanxi folk cultural industry Expo to bring great inspiration. In his view, the Shanghai World Expo, and ancient craft skills to find a new way of life.