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Vases made of waste paper basket
Nov 30, 2016

64 MS Zhang TM is one of the "skilled". Yesterday, the reporter came to Zhang TM cuihua Cypress community garden, Dadukou district is located in the community of homes, two other "hand", 65 years old Hu Kaida and 57 qingrong is Zhang TM home visit.

A into Zhang TM of home in the, reporter on was various color gorgeous, and pattern range of vase attract, these vase has great small, maximum of a put in TV next of ground, is a tight mouth vase, high about 70 cm, by red, and purple, and white, and gray, variety color composition; minimum of a put in another side of Cabinet Shang, high not to 20 cm, also has variety color, is beautiful. "These vases are made of waste paper, we first used playing cards, cigarette cases, advertising flyers, and cardboard are collected, and then mix in different colors, using white glue these parts together, vase shape. "Said Zhang TM.

In addition to vases, and some waste paper collapsed out of other articles. "It's fruit basket, can be stuffed with peanut nut, and this little box is a small box on the table, it is very convenient to use ... ..." Zhang TM introduces the home of these "baby".