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Nov 30, 2016

Research process, feel free to record the speaker's opinion, to avoid confusion and amnesia (short-term memory limit for adults: I can remember up to 5-9).

Use stick technique, draw graphics, and the audience quickly understand.

After finishing : If you assign several people finishing the day seminar information can be taken separately.

At the second Conference, the core ideas of the previous meeting can be posted again, evoke memories.

Conference room in case of a sudden power failure, without computers, computer projector, you can still continue to teach courses.


Discussion/study of various formal or informal occasions. Such as: boot (Facilitation), training courses (training), coaching (coaching), coaching, workshops (workshop), cross-sector and sector research.

Because the boot technology is widely used in business strategy development, business process reengineering, development and innovation, brainstorming, business plan development, comprehensive budgeting, marketing, strategic planning, and so on, so white paper would also apply to businesses, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and other formal or informal discussion/study.

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