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Brief Introduction And Characteristics Of Printing Paper
Oct 21, 2017

1, gray board white paper: one side of white, one side of the gray (waste pulp), smooth surface, suitable for printing color box, most of the corrugated board needs to be made into a larger box;

2, a single copper paper: low weight and high weight of single copper single card (also known as white cardboard), two white, one side smooth rough (smooth coating suitable for printing, the bottom surface of uncoated, can do simple printing), low weight single copper is mainly used for cigarette and wine. And the gift box packaging, high weight single copper suitable for high-end cosmetics boxes and boxes of small electronic products;

3, double copper paper: have high weight and low weight of the points, both sides are very light, both sides are coated paper smooth, low weight is mainly used for the album and hardcover book, high weight is mainly used for tag elevators;

4, double white: just like the white card, paper core is grey (pulp), surface coating of white earth, commonly used for small electronic products such as battery packaging, plastic packaging, medicine etc..