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Card Board
Nov 30, 2016

Card board with wooden pallets, metal pallets, exemption card boards, pallets, fumigation disinfection chrome-plated, plastic, card Board, card board ... ...

Pallet specifications editing

Domestic standard specifications usually are: 1200L*1000W, and 1100L*1100W, and 1200L*800W ... And according to customer requirements to specifications

Pallets can be single-sided card (into the fork on all sides), two-sided card (both sides into the fork)

Wooden pallets and iron boards dominated by font. Plastic card plastic card printing plate material: black recycled green material (optional new material and water mixture, textures and different loads. Blue, other colors can be customized)

Plastic pallets used forms: two forks, fork on all sides, suitable for use in plain; horizontal, flat stacking regular, uniform load.

Plastic Chuck plate temperature:-20 ℃ ~ + 50℃ (try to avoid sun exposure and closer to the heat source)

Plastic pallets can be divided into nine-foot, Tian Chuan font, font style, and double-sided type.