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Card Board Cardboard Classification Editing
Jun 05, 2017

Double-sided: This type of paper card board for both positive and negative can be used, widely used in air and shelves. Single-sided type: can be divided into standard and ordinary type, according to the different use of different single-sided card board.

Paper cardboard classification editing

First, the shape classification

Second, the structure classification

Nine feet paper card board: card board back nine feet distribution, square card board on the four sides of the middle and four corners have four feet, the card is a middle foot of a total of nine feet, are generally three feet Side by side three rows of feet were parallel.

Chuan-shaped paper card board: in the nine-shaped paper card board on the basis of the opposite shape of the parallel distribution of paper card board.

Field paper card board: in the nine-angle paper card card on the back of the basic shape of the back of the three rows of feet and vertical three sets of feet parallel distribution of the paper card board.

Third, use classification

Honeycomb paper card board: honeycomb paper cardboard moisture on the paper's flexibility and flexibility, strength has a significant impact. When the water is too high, the paper itself is very soft, the sharp decline in strength, easy to stick when the water is too low, the paper crisp and broken, which will affect the quality of the card board.

Logistics paper card board: logistics card card board generally practical requirements are relatively high, because to protect the contents of the box, especially valuable items, must be better material to do, quality is the first element.

The use of paper cardboard editing

Widely used in aviation, warehousing, and logistics centers and other export containers used.