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Card Board Domestic Demand
Aug 28, 2017

card board Domestic demand

Kraft paper is ubiquitous in our lives, and when we observe it, we find that we have access to a lot of kraft paper products, but people do not know much about kraft paper, and the products it produces have a great impact on our lives , Such as domestic cattle cardboard, imported coated cattle cardboard and other cattle cardboard types. The following will be a brief introduction.

Cow cardboard in the days of our side of the many see, white flour cardboard is a kind of whiteboard, but also a single type of whiteboard, the type of primary used to do more advanced carton packaging. His production skills relative to other packaging cardboard is relatively high, mainly pulp process is complex. Quality requirements for goods are also high. The primary use of cattle cardboard is to do carton packaging.

Because cattle cardboard is mainly used to do some of the packaging of goods, or do some cartons, so we have many opportunities in the days of access to cattle cardboard, but because the understanding of the card is not a lot of cattle, so some Even when we see, but also can not be identified can be identified, together with the many types of cattle cardboard factors, and sometimes not recognize the normal thing is not up to know that things are particularly fine paper, do not know it The name and purpose of the use, but also do not know its primary effect, the original cardboard in China's capacity is still not small, probably have 1 million tons of capacity, during which the primary effect of single-sided whiteboard is used to do Some of the more advanced carton packaging, so in the usual days are also more common.

At the same time in the country, with the domestic shopping malls on the kind of need for a substantial increase, it is estimated that the demand for domestic shopping malls will be more and more, on the domestic shopping market, usually if there is no other special words, Paper is usually refers to the white wood pulp noodle board board paper, however, foreign and domestic conditions are also different, mainly because of the contact material, the domestic surface with bleached wood pulp, lining with deinked pulp or white paper Edge, core bottom with domestic or imported waste paper. So the quality of domestic flour flour than the import of many poor.

Through the above can be seen, cattle cardboard on our lives play an important role in the past few years with the development of the paper industry, cattle cardboard in the domestic demand is increasing, so cattle cardboard in the domestic market or Great, in the future development of a lot of room for improvement, we have to cause considerable attention.