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Card Board High Degree Of Sizing
Oct 19, 2017

card board High degree of sizing

The following is the main amount of black cardboard:

1, gray single black cardboard 180-750g a molding, 750g can be processed on the composite.

2, single-sided through black cardboard 80-750G a molding, more than 750G can be processed composite.

3, double-sided through black cardboard 80-700G a molding, more than 700G can be processed composite.

4, all wood paddle black cardboard 80-700G a molding, more than 700G can be processed composite.

5, electro-acoustic black cardboard: 0.7-1MM a molding, speaker speaker gasket dedicated.

Gray paper and white cardboard is two important packaging materials, where the difference between them, today's professional gray cardboard manufacturers for you to introduce a detailed comparison.

The gray board is made of the pulp and the bottom pulp, and its structure is mainly divided into the bottom layer, the core layer, the lining layer, the surface layer and the coating part. Gray plate paper color is gray, from the waste paper by deinking, so the bottom of the composition is very complex; the surface is white, is a layer of kaolin powder, adhesives and other chemical raw materials mixed thin coating surface. Surface (coating) high whiteness, ink absorption, smoothness and printing gloss are very good, the cardboard itself has a very good stiffness and folding. The surface of the gray board has been greatly improved after coating treatment, and it can meet the high quality color printing requirements. It is the high quality material of the middle and high grade goods packing box.

White cardboard is a relatively thick, strong white cardboard, using 100% bleached kraft pulp as raw material, after the free beating, a higher degree of sizing (sizing degree of 1.0 ~ 1.5mm) , Adding talcum powder, barium sulfate and other white packing, in the long net paper machine on the copy, and by pressure light or embossed processing and made. White cardboard is generally single-sided coating, the market is divided into two kinds of sBS and FBB. The former is a bleached chemical pulp as raw material, two-layer structure, characterized by high whiteness, but the same quantitative cardboard stiffness and thickness of the poor; the latter to bleach chemical pulp as the cardboard surface and the bottom, and mechanical pulp as raw materials Constitute the middle layer, the formation of three-tier structure of the cardboard, which is characterized by the same quantitative conditions, high thickness, good hardness, which has a good die-cutting and creasing effect.

In the case of the paper itself, in addition to the above paper whiteness reasons, the paper's smoothness, gloss and absorption are also very important factors.