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Card Board Meet Environmental Requirements
Aug 12, 2017

card board Meet environmental requirements

The main features of the paper card board:

1, green can be 100% recovery, do not produce abandoned, do not pollute the environment, in line with environmental requirements.

2, clean and no insects, no fumigation, in line with European and American market requirements, pharmaceutical and other industries can be used directly;

3, waterproof moisture-proof honeycomb paper card board after special treatment, waterproof and moisture-proof, to avoid the fear of fear of paper products fear of fear;

4, smooth and smooth without debris and nails, etc. may damage the issue of goods, the maximum protection of the packaging of the carrier;

5, solid and reliable bearing structure is reasonable, the highest load-bearing up to 2 tons;

6, lightweight and convenient weight is the same volume of wood card board 1/4, easy handling. And both in the air or shipping can make users save a lot of freight, reduce product costs;

7, to ease the impact of the paper tray due to the use of elastic honeycomb paper material, relying on the advantages of a special force structure of the honeycomb, can greatly reduce the impact from the transport process of the bumps, so that the goods safe and intact arrived at the destination.

8, low prices The main production of paper tray material for the renewable honeycomb cardboard, so the production cost is not higher than the same requirements of the wooden pallets, especially for export enterprises one-time use.

Shape classification Double-sided type:

This type of paper card board for both positive and negative can be used, widely used in air and shelves single type: can be divided into standard and ordinary type, according to different ways to choose different single-sided card board, structural classification Card board: card board back nine feet distribution, square card side of the four sides and four corners have four feet, the card is a middle foot of a total of nine feet, are generally three feet side by side three sets of feet Was parallel to the shape of the shape of paper card board: in the back of the nine-shaped paper card board on the basis of the parallel distribution of the paper card board field paper card board: The use of parallel and distributed paper pallets is widely used in aviation, warehousing, and logistics centers.

Plastic floor "is a very broad word, the original plastic floor is specifically refers to the use of polyurethane (also known as PU) material production of the floor, this floor is suitable for outdoor sports venues laying, playground use because of the release of harmful substances, generally do not Use in indoor sports venues.

Paper card board But the current domestic "plastic floor" the word is completely the opposite, we often referred to the plastic floor refers to the PVC floor used in the room. That first explain what is the PVC floor.