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Card Board Thick And Firm
Sep 06, 2017

Card Board Thick and firm

The card board is a cardboard for printing business cards, covers, certificates, invitations and packaging. The board is flat and paper, and its dimensions are: 880mm * 1230mm, 787mm * 1032mm. According to the quality level card board is divided into A, B, C three and so on.

   Card board is relatively thick and strong, quantitative large, its quantitative 200g / m2, 220g / m2,250g / m2,270g / m2, 300g / m2, 400g / m2 and other specifications. Cardboard tightness is usually not less than 0.80g / m3, whiteness requirements are higher, A, B, C three degrees of whiteness were not less than 92.0%, 87.0%, 82.0%. In order to prevent swimming, card board requires a greater degree of sizing, A, B, C three sizing degrees were not less than 1.5mm, 1.5mm and 1.0mm. In order to maintain the formation of paper products, the card board should be thicker and firm, with a higher stiffness and bursting strength, for different levels of different quantitative white card has a different degree of stiffness requirements, the greater the amount, the higher the level, The greater the required, the general longitudinal stiffness should be not less than 2.10-10.6mN • m, the lateral stiffness should be not less than 1.06-5.30 mN • m.

A, B, and C were not less than 2.00 kPa • m2 / g, 1.60 KPa • m2 / g and 1.20 kPa • m2 / g, respectively. In order to ensure uniform distribution of ink and the appearance of the paper itself, white card smoothness of not less than 20-40S. In addition, the card board should be flat, do not allow spots and stripes and other paper disease, nor allow warping deformation, paper fiber organization should be uniform, 0.2-1.5mm2 dust no more than 28 / m2 (A Etc.), no more than 1.5mm2 of dust.

   Card board is usually 100% bleached wood pulp as raw material, the surface layer, the bottom of the use of sulfide chemical softwood pulp, the core layer of hardwood chemical mechanical pulp, pulp after beating by adding calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and other fillers, with AKD For moderate heavy sizing, papermaking on the stacking machine, and by the pressure light, coating treatment, according to the need, after embossing can produce a special embossed pattern of paperboard, where with a special The embossed card board does not check for smoothness and whiteness. In addition to white, through the dyeing of the paste, but also the production of a variety of color cardboard, then in addition to whiteness, the other technical performance and card board technical performance consistent.

   The pallets have a pore structure. The perforated structure of the pallets determines the permeability, hygroscopicity, absorbability and compressibility of the paper. This is the basis for the paper to absorb water, ink and other substances. In order to ensure a better printing quality and printing effects, the need for printing paper with good ink absorption. The ink absorbency of a cardboard is a property that the ink penetrates into the cardboard and is absorbed by the ink in contact with the ink and the ink is transferred onto the surface of the paper. The greater the porosity of the paper, the more loose the structure, the more the amount of ink absorption, and vice versa, which is what we often said card board ink absorption poor reasons.