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Cardboard Raw Materials And Classification
Sep 15, 2017

Usually from a variety of plant fiber as raw material, but also mixed with non-plant fiber, made in the cardboard machine made. Some special cardboard is also mixed with wool and other animal fibers or asbestos and other mineral fibers.

According to the use can be divided into several categories:

  (1) packaging cardboard, such as boxboard, kraft paperboard, yellow cardboard, white cardboard, impregnated liner cardboard.

  (2) industrial technology with cardboard, such as electrical insulation cardboard, asphalt waterproof cardboard.

  (3) building cardboard, such as linoleum paper, soundproof cardboard, fire cardboard, gypsum cardboard and so on.

  (4) printing and decoration with cardboard, such as font cardboard, cardboard and so on.

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