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Carton Production And Color Printing Process And Equipment
Sep 15, 2017

Paste the carton is the use of veneer material will be bonded with the substrate cardboard, forming can not be folded into a flat-shaped, only a fixed box-type transport and storage cartons, also known as fixed cartons.

Paste the base material of the carton The general choice of high stiffness non-resistant cardboard, commonly used thickness range of 1 ~ 1.3mm; lining selected white or white corrugated paper, plastic, sponge, etc .; veneer material more Taking into account its print adaptability.

The structure of the paste carton is divided into tube, tube type (frame type) and disc type (one page folding type).

The so-called tube is also disc-type paste carton refers to the double-wall structure or wide-side structure, the box and the box at the end by the disc molding method, the body plate by the tube method of molding, or one by disc method One by the tube method of forming.

(2) paper cloth fixed box body four corners, can not use nail way; (3) manual cutting material, high dimensional accuracy;

(2) the structure is simple, easy to large-scale production; (3) indentation and corner size accuracy than the (Figure 1) can be used paper (cloth) bonding nails or buttonhole fixed box corner; difference.

Paste the production process of the carton is as follows:

Box cut off indentation → open angle → box angle reinforcement → label into a box ← open angle ← paper cut angle

Carton factory carton production is divided into three steps:

First, the production of corrugated board, the paper mill will soon be produced by the corrugated board production equipment into various types of corrugated cardboard, cardboard production process, including loading paper, glue, bonding, drying, cutting and other processes , During the occurrence of pollutants are waste paper, waste gas adhesives, residual glue, volatile gases and waste scrap;

Second, the cardboard printing process, including printing, open l slot, die cutting process, the resulting pollutants, including ink, organic solvents and other industrial wastewater to waste scrap-based solid waste and production noise;

Third, the carton molding process, that is, die-cut 3 good cardboard through the binding process into a carton, and then further carton bonding, and finally the formation of carton products, the process of relatively small amount of pollutants produced, mainly in waste glue and noise The Corrugated board production equipment mainly includes two types: the traditional single corrugated machine and corrugated board production line.

The corrugated production line consists of stand-alone and system, including: base paper holder, preheater, single-sided machine, paper car, flyover, multiple preheater, double-sided coating machine, adhesive dryer, longitudinal indentation machine , Sub-paper tray, cross-cutting machine, conveyor, stacker, main rotation, paper edge grinder, paste machine, steam heating system, compressed air system, electrical control system. Cardboard molding, into the printing session. Printing equipment to printing slotting machine and die-cutting machine as the representative.

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