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Classification Of White Cardboard
Nov 30, 2016

Blue and white double-sided etching paper jam

Bleached chemical wood pulp copy system, base weighs about 150 grams per square meter or more. West of uncoated said cardboard, copper-coated on both sides for sika.

Main applications: paper jam in the West is mainly used for business cards, invitations, postcards, cards, data cards. Copper sika is mainly used for books, magazine covers, postcards, cards, invitations, product tags, cosmetic cartons of medicines and other necessary fine print.

White copper plate paper jam

Nickel silver card is mainly used in the production of high levels of cartons, paper must therefore high whiteness, surface smooth, good ink admissibility, characteristics such as gloss, paper white card

Need high brightness, excellent printability, so that the printing on the back, and delamination phenomenon cannot occur in the rolling tray. Effect of vacuum packaging with product presentation and protection, and lighter, so widely used. Most important quality vacuum packaging with a copper-nickel alloy shell with PVC glue adhesive effect. If not effectively adhesive will not be acceptable to the customer. Due to the adhesive effect of the cardboard and PVC glue adhesive processing condition (concentration, temperature and heating time) and the impact of printing ink, so the factory can only mount on cardboard in front of the brush effect that the customer should be confirmed before use adhesive effect.