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Clay Coated Duplex Board Cardboard Performance
Jun 16, 2017

clay coated duplex board Cardboard performance

Cardboard is the main raw material of corrugated boxes, cartons and other products, its performance directly or indirectly affect the inherent quality of products and performance. For corrugated boxes, cartons and other packaging products, with wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and has a high strength and good air tightness, is the basic quality requirements of the use of cardboard. However, the paper mill produced by ordinary cardboard, often do not have good wear resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance. The strength and airtightness of the board vary depending on the quality of the board. Therefore, from the use of corrugated boxes and cartons to improve the performance, must be on the surface of the cardboard to carry out some of the necessary processing technology in order to fundamentally improve the performance of cardboard and appearance quality.

Cardboard surface of the polishing process

It is a common process for postpress processing of packaged products. After coating the product, it can enhance the water resistance, light fastness, abrasion resistance and pollution resistance of the printed material, and also improve the surface brightness of the product. Product quality greatly improved. Polishing paint has a variety of structures, useful printing machine glazing oil on the glazing, but also useful polishing machine polishing water-based, oily glazing, as well as solvent-based coating, UV coating. Paint coating characteristics are different, the product surface processing technology has a certain difference. The same is the light type of paint, because the material properties, different formulations, the gloss effect, wear resistance, etc. are also different. With matte paint coating, printing the surface of almost no gloss, but with a certain sense of art, and some products on the matt paint, the effect is no less than bright paint. Whether it is light or matte paint, the coating must have a good wear resistance, in order to play the role of protecting the surface of the printed matter. Oily polishing process

With the printing press on the oil-based varnish, due to the thickness of the coating and drying by the mechanical structure of the restrictions, printing surface gloss and wear resistance, are not on the polishing machine solvent or water-based glazing effect. Therefore, this glazing is generally only suitable for small quantities, the quality requirements of the ordinary products.

Solvent polishing process

The use of solvent polishing products, the surface gloss and wear resistance are relatively high, but because of its thinner organic solvents, such as toluene, etc., with the solvent evaporation, polishing the cost of paint is also large. Solvent coating paints and poor resistance, the coating is easy to yellow, and the smell of strong solvent is not only easy to pollute the environment, but also to produce safety will have a certain impact, so the production site must pay attention to emissions, the machine using electric tube Drying, pay attention to keep the smooth delivery of cardboard to prevent the cardboard transport skewed and blocked the bake Road so that touched the electric tube, causing the occurrence of fire safety accidents.