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Coated Duplex Board Application Of A Wide Range Of Environmentally Friendly Materials
Aug 02, 2017

coated duplex board Application of a wide range of environmentally friendly materials

Coated double panels are widely used in environmentally friendly materials

Coated double-sided panels are environmentally friendly materials, is the use of recycled waste paper produced by the general product type can be divided into single gray paper, double coated double-sided, full-coated double-sided panel. The use of double-sided coating is very wide, mainly used for paste gift box (moon cake box, Jiuhe, tea box, cosmetics box, craft gift box), folders, notebooks, photo albums, hardcover book cover, luggage and no imitation cloth bag Handbag, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, box, , Office stationery, jewelry box gradually replace the wooden pallets, exports to the United States, Europe and so on.

(* 787 * 1092MM) generous (889 * 1194MM) 31 "* 43", 35 "* 47" and special specifications can be customized, the company prescribed a minimum volume of 5 tons , The amount can be negotiated, and other higher weight can be processed mounted together. And according to the needs of customers customized special products. After drying the paper are thin, smooth and moderate, very good stiffness, straight, thick enough, tough and difficult to deformation, dryness 10% +2. The factory is equipped with paper cutting, tissue paper and Biaozhi, drying equipment, can undertake all kinds of paper cutting and Biaozhi business, the company storage and transportation department is equipped with multiple distribution vehicles, for the majority of users to provide fast and convenient services. Maintain first-class transport for the product!

Our company for the coated double-sided quality of the custom is in accordance with national standards, whether in terms of quality or price please rest assured that any questions please contact us, we will sincerely welcome you!

In many of the more commonly used types of cardboard, double coated double panel is a very common one. I believe we all know that different types of cardboard, function and use is not the same. We in the purchase time, should be based on their own needs to choose, not too blind. Reasonable choice is not to spend money wasted.

Double-coated double-sided panel is one of the main cardboard types we produce, and now we are going to introduce you about the use and classification of double-coated double-sided panels.

In the four widely used packaging containers, packaging cartons with its raw material rich, low price, easy to form, light and easy to recycling after recycling, will not cause pollution to the environment and other advantages and get a more extensive Applications.

Used to make packaging cartons Common packaging materials are: full coated double-sided board, kraft paperboard, coated double-sided panels.

Packaging cartons as packaging containers to achieve the function of protection of goods, that is, to have sufficient strength to resist from the packaging cartons outside and the role of the internal force. The force applied to the carton must be resisted by the strength of the cardboard material that makes the carton, so the coated double panel should have sufficient strength.

It can be seen that in many cases, we can choose to use double coated double panel. Its use compared to other types of cardboard, it is more extensive. We hope that the introduction of this article can help everyone!