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Coated Duplex Board Cardboard Monotonous
Aug 28, 2017

Coated Duplex Board Cardboard monotonous

1. Sketch of the base paper: the base paper of the pulp fiber all selected bleached chemical wood pulp, and the amount of forward pulp, to strengthen the liner mechanical pulp cover. Selection of alkaline sizing skills, reduce the amount of aluminum sulfate slurry, the value of the forward base paper. Experiments show that the pH value of the base paper layer is between 6.5 and 8.0. In the process of copying, the monotonous temperature should be strictly controlled to ensure that the case of monotonous cardboard, try to reduce the monotonic temperature, and use the base paper and coated paper cold cylinder.

2. Selection of better quality liquid brightener: Experiments show that the use of liquid brightener can reduce the degree of yellowing of coated products. It is guaranteed to advance the product whiteness together, the impact on the yellowing was significantly lower than the powder whitening agent. The quality of the liquid brightener must be pleasing to a higher purity. Poor purity of the liquid brightener will not only constitute unnecessary waste, and easy to constitute the phenomenon of yellowing. The other in the paint formula to use a good fluorescent whitening agent, but also pay attention to the use of brightener carrier (auxiliary adhesive).

3. The rational use of color pigments: the use of color pigments, is to advance as much as possible (CIE), reduce the amount of fluorescent brightener, balance the same chemical raw materials to reach the desired hue. In order to reduce the coated white paper yellowed, the choice of color pigments not only pleasing easy to operate, outstanding affinity, but also have a high degree of lightfastness. So the best choice of high quality organic pigments, its various aspects of the function is a parade. In the amount of color pigments should pay more attention, because too high or too low the amount of the color is not up to the intention. Too high, will increase the degree of yellowing coated white paper; too low, you can not meet the required whiteness.

4. Choose a reasonable ratio of coating adhesive: In the paint formulation, in order to avoid and deal with the phenomenon of yellowing coated white paper, in the balance of the cost of the recipe and product function under the request, the use of a single SBR latex as coating adhesive almost Is not possible. Therefore, according to the product function plea, you can choose styrene-butadiene latex and other latex mixed use, such as inexpensive styrene-acrylic latex, both to ensure the strength of coated white paper function, but also reduce the degree of yellowing.

5. Selection of new chemical additives: I cited the application of nano-silica-based oxide coatings used in the study found that nano-silicon-based oxide because of its unique molecular structure, in reducing the coating yellow has a clear advantage. In the eye aging experiment, the absolute value of the chroma b value is reduced very little. Other UV absorbers and antioxidants can also reduce the yellowing of the coated whiteboard coating.