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Coated Duplex Board Fibrous Tissue Is Relatively Uniform
Aug 02, 2017

Coated Duplex Board Fibrous tissue is relatively uniform

Coated white plate is a positive white and smooth, the back of the gray card for the bottom, so also called gray paper or gray at the end of white paper coated, but also referred to as gray at the end of white, single white, white paper, white Cardboard and so on. This cardboard is mainly used for single-sided color printing made of paper for packaging use. Flat sheet size is 787mm * 1092mm, the size of 889mm * 1194mm, drum width 787mm, 889mm, 1092mm, 1194mm, customers can also need to arrange the production of other specifications of the paper.

 Coated white paper because the fiber structure is relatively uniform, the surface layer with filler and the composition of the compound, and the surface coated with a certain coating, and after multi-roll calendering, so the cardboard texture is relatively tight, the thickness is relatively uniform, the paper The surface is generally more white and smooth, with a more uniform ink absorption, surface powder and hair loss phenomenon is less, paper is more tough and has a good folding resistance, the water content is generally about 8% , There is a certain degree of flexibility, which will bring a certain impact on the printing. White paper and coated paper, offset paper, letterpress paper is the difference between the paper grams of heavy, relatively thick paper. White paper pulp is generally divided into the pulp (surface layer), two, three, four, each layer of pulp fiber ratio is different, and each layer of pulp fiber ratio, The quality of paper is different. The first layer for the surface layer of pulp, requiring high whiteness, with a certain strength, usually using bleached kraft pulp or with part of the bleached chemical pulp and white paper waste paper pulp; the second layer for the lining, Surface layer and the role of the core layer, also requires a certain degree of whiteness, usually with 100% mechanical wood pulp or light-colored waste paper pulp; the third layer for the core layer, mainly from the filling effect to increase the thickness of cardboard, The use of mixed waste paper pulp or straw pulp, this layer of the thickest, high-quality cardboard commonly used several slots in several times hanging pulp; the last layer is the bottom, with improved cardboard appearance, improve strength, to prevent curling function, usually With a high rate of pulp or better waste paper pulp as raw material, cardboard color below the gray, but also according to the requirements of the production of other bottom color.

White cardboard is used for printing business cards, covers, certificates, invitations and packaging and decoration with a cardboard, white cardboard for the flat paper, its size is: 880mm * 1230mm, 787mm * 1032mm. According to the quality level white cardboard is divided into A, B, C three and so on. White cardboard is thicker and firmer, and its mass is 200 g / m2, 220 g / m2, 250 g / m2, 270 g / m2, 300 g / m2, 400 g / m2 and so on. White cardboard tightness is usually not less than 0.80 g / m3, whiteness requirements are higher, A, B, C three degrees of whiteness were not less than 92.0%, 87.0%, 82.0%. In order to prevent swimming, white cardboard requires a greater degree of sizing, A, B, C three sizing degrees were not less than 1.5mm, 1.5mm and 1.0mm. In order to maintain the formation of paper products, white cardboard should be thicker and stronger, there is a high degree of stiffness and bursting strength, for different levels of different quantitative white card has a different degree of stiffness requirements, the greater the amount, the higher the level, The greater the lateral requirements, the general longitudinal stiffness should be not less than 2.10-10.6mN • m, the lateral stiffness should be not less than 1.06-5.30 mN • m. A, B, and C were not less than 2.00 kPa • m2 / g, 1.60 KPa • m2 / g and 1.20 KPa • m2 / g, respectively. In order to ensure uniform distribution of ink and the appearance of the paper itself, white card smoothness of not less than 20-40S. In addition, white cardboard paper should be flat, not allowed to have spots and stripes and other paper disease, does not allow warping deformation, paper fiber organization should be uniform, 0.2-1.5mm2 dust no more than 28 / m2 (A ), No more than 1.5mm2 of dust. White cardboard is usually 100% bleached wood pulp as raw material, the surface layer, the bottom of the use of sulfide chemical softwood pulp, the core layer of hardwood chemical mechanical pulp, pulp after beating by adding calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and other fillers, AKD for moderate heavy sizing, in the stacking paper machine on the papermaking, and by the pressure light, coating treatment, according to the need, after embossing can be produced with a special embossed pattern cardboard, where with Special embossed white cardboard can not check the smoothness and whiteness. In addition to white, through the dyeing of the paste, but also the production of a variety of color cardboard, then in addition to whiteness, the other technical performance and white cardboard technical performance consistent.