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Coated Duplex Board Good Rigidity
Oct 19, 2017

coated duplex board Good rigidity

The coated double-sided panel is made of high-grade printing paper made of coated base paper after being coated and decorated. The printing process requirements slightly higher, printing performance, color reproduction, ink absorption, printing ink is relatively thick, so dry time longer; for fashion magazines, promotional materials, pictures, etc. to fine-based graphic Of the album design.

In addition, gray cardboard with a light weight, high strength, rapid prototyping, low cost, moisture, fire, no deformation, good rigidity, excellent mechanical properties and absorption capacity of many excellent features.

For now, the most important application areas of gray paperboard are the following four aspects:

Construction industry

The most widely used of gray paperboard can be said to be the construction industry, and many parts of the construction industry have gray cardboard applications, such as for processing doors, partitions, ceiling, wall skirts, flooring, siding, mobile homes, open offices Cut off and so on.

2. Furniture industry

Gray cardboard can be used to produce all kinds of plate furniture and general civilian furniture, such as writing desk, desk, closet, combination cabinet, bed and so on.

3. Transportation

Gray cardboard in the transportation industry also has a very good application, the current transport industry, the gray cardboard is a passenger, passenger ship wood and wood-based panels is one of the ideal alternative materials.

4. Packaging areas

Gray paperboard in the precision machine tools, instrumentation, tools, home appliances, electronics and computer products, auto parts, glass and other packaging and turnover of storage, food packaging and packaging filling the gap and so occupies a very important position.

It is not difficult to see from the introduction of several areas, gray cardboard in the construction, transportation, furniture, packaging industry and other industries have an important impact. Green environmental protection has been advocated in recent years, the use of the packaging after the sale of discarded cardboard, mostly sold directly to the recycling of waste, and then after the processing of waste collection station, it sold directly to the cardboard mill, and then After a series of processing, the cardboard in the processing of production, to produce to meet the needs of gray cardboard. This is the combination of gray cardboard regeneration method. 1, the old cardboard used after the renovation of the processing, in the re-processing can be used in the gray cardboard, in the past, are generally used suture cardboard, the overall treatment, and then re-printing the required pattern. Moreover, the small cardboard is re-combination, in the plastic processing. These two methods can be in the transformation of gray paperboard flatness can not meet the requirements, processes, waste a lot of shortcomings.

2, in order to save time and give full play to its advantages, the old gray cardboard for a technical improvement, the first of the old gray cardboard for a simple treatment, the old cardboard pin nails to remove the clean, the flat paper into a single Zhang, and then paste the same paper into a multi-layer or single-layer long cardboard, and finally press the pressure will be separated by a thin sheet of paper to ensure that the formation of bonding, and then made useful gray cardboard can be.