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Coated Duplex Board Grey Back In Roll From Its Quantitative To
Oct 19, 2017

Coated Duplex Board Grey Back in Roll From its quantitative to

We call the paper, in a broad sense, is included in the paper and paperboard two terms. In fact, the difference between paper and cardboard is only from its quantitative to distinguish. Folk general to 200g / ㎡ within the paper called paper; the 200g / ㎡ above the paper called cardboard. In the past, China's paper and cardboard quantitative provisions are: 150 square meters in the following called paper; in 200g / ㎡ above is called cardboard. Will be between 150-200g / ㎡ between the known as the base paper. We usually call thin paper paper, paper called paperboard. But in order to communicate with foreign information, exchange of technology, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Standards Organization, the distinction between paper and cardboard standard quantitative identified as 225g / ㎡.

Packaging Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of composite gray cardboard, gray cardboard, gray bottom coated double plate, from the establishment has been in the credibility of the first, quality first, sales and service first conviction and purpose to seriously treat each compound Gray cardboard customers. And so that each support our composite gray cardboard customers can get a comfortable working environment and satisfactory service. Our commitment to the most fair price to buy the most compelling composite gray cardboard. May we be able to cooperate happily.

In general, the use of packaging after the sale of discarded cardboard, mostly sold directly to the recycling of waste, and then after the acquisition of waste processing station, it sold directly to the cardboard mill, and then after a series of processing, The cardboard in the processing and production, to produce a composite gray cardboard to meet the needs. In addition to this method, there is the use of the old cardboard after the renovation of the treatment, in the re-processing can be used to apply the gray bottom coated billet, in the past, are generally used suture cardboard, the overall treatment, Then re-print the desired pattern. Moreover, the small cardboard is re-combination, in the plastic processing. These two methods can be in the transformation of gray paperboard flatness can not meet the requirements, processes, waste a lot of shortcomings.

In order to save time and give full play to its advantages, the old composite gray cardboard for the technical improvements, first worn off the composite gray cardboard for simple processing, the old cardboard pin nails to remove the clean, the flat paper into a single leaf , And then paste the same paper into a multi-layer or single-layer long cardboard, and finally press the pressure will be separated from the thin sheet of paper to ensure that the formation of bonding, and then made useful gray cardboard can be.