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Coated Duplex Board Have Good Print Adaptability
Aug 12, 2017

coated duplex board Have good print adaptability

I believe that people familiar with the history, should know that the paper is our country's ancient invented, his name is Cai Lun. In fact, paper is really a more complex process, especially as people's needs are getting higher and higher, the technical requirements for a variety of paper is also increasing. Coated double-sided paper is one of many paper. Now, we are introduced by the gray paper manufacturers, coated double-sided paper on the main technical requirements.

The main technical requirements for coated double-sided paperboard are about three:

First, there is good print adaptability

Coated double-sided paper must have a high degree of whiteness, smooth feel, the surface clean and uniform, paper formation, uniform thickness, dimensional stability, good surface strength, ink absorption is moderate, glossy and other properties after printing.

Second, there are box performance

Coated double-sided paper by the box after the rigid, high-speed punching when the incision is not jagged, accurate pressure line, and bending does not break, that is, cardboard has a high degree of stiffness and folding.

Third, there is surface paste performance

This indicator is related to the coating formulation, according to the different uses of the box and the box process to adjust the different.

In fact, in addition to coated double-sided paper technical requirements are relatively high, there is a single-sided composite whiteboard technical requirements are relatively high, because it is a single-sided composite, rather than ordinary white paper. Just we have to provide a single double-sided composite whiteboard, if you need, you can call the consultation.

The use of gray paperboard is very wide, in the packaging market occupies a large part of the space, there are many gray board manufacturers so rise. Gray paper is good, but also qualified products to be able to play its due role.

Gray board specifications are certain requirements, in the production of time to take into account its use, to strengthen a certain performance. It should have the following requirements in the use of performance: gray cardboard

1, to have a loose paper and good plasticity, to ensure that the application of binding pressure, bronzing characteristics;

2, to have a uniform thickness of cardboard and deformation of the performance, to ensure the normative design of the cover;

3, to have a good stiffness and good mechanical strength, in order to maintain the binding of books, album of practicality and durability;

4, to have a certain layer of strength to meet the needs of the process of binding process;

5, the cardboard itself is not allowed to use plant starch adhesive bonding, to prevent the growth of starch mold.