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Coated Duplex Board Industrial Use
Sep 18, 2017

coated duplex board Industrial use

Coated double-sided industrial use, to tell you

As an environmentally friendly packaging materials, industrial paper full-coated double-sided panel is mainly a waste paper production and reuse of technology products, by the majority of environmental protection favorite. Industrial coated double-sided panels are a common type of coated double-sided panels. Derived products are: packaging boxes, advertising boards, luggage, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, linings, partitions and so on.

1, used in packaging cardboard, such as composite cardboard, double gray board;

2, for the finishing and printing of cardboard: for example, book cover hardcover with the cardboard, for the printing of the font cardboard and cardboard and so on.

3, for filtering gas or liquid filter cardboard; such as for the gas mask filter cardboard, a variety of internal combustion engine lubricants, fuel oil, air filter cardboard, as well as for filtering a variety of beverages, beer and other cardboard.

4, for the building building insulation, sound insulation of the construction of cardboard, roof waterproof asbestos cardboard, felt paper and so on.

5, for transformers, motors and other electrical equipment manufacturing electrical insulation cardboard, as oil medium or air medium insulation material.

   Many of the things in life are processed from cardboard, the annual sales of cardboard are particularly large. However, it is usually not good to store cardboard, then it will cause loss and waste, so pay attention to the composite coating double-sided storage method. Next, the industrial coated double-sided panel plant will give you about how to reasonably store composite coated double-sided panels.

    a, stacked composite coated double-sided panel, the ground should be kept at a certain distance.

    b, should not be composite coating double panel too close to the wall.

    c, storage composite coating double panel of the warehouse temperature should be controlled at 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ between.

    d, storage of composite coating double-sided place must be kept clean and dry, well ventilated.

The above is a good way to store composite coated double-sided panels, hoping to help everyone. Linyi City, Shandong Zhenwen Packing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of composite coating double-sided panels, coated double-sided panels, industrial full-coated double-sided panels, corrugated board, packaging cartons, etc., in years of production experience, the introduction of advanced composite coating double- Equipment, to ensure that customers provide high-quality composite coating double-sided, to enhance the value of Zhenwen brand. Welcome to our customers around the company to discuss business.