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Coated Duplex Board Main Ingreadient
Jun 05, 2017

Industrial cardboard is the main raw material of corrugated boxes, cartons and other products, its performance directly or indirectly affect the inherent quality of the product and the use of performance. For corrugated boxes, cartons and other packaging products, with wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and has a high strength and good air tightness, is the basic quality requirements of the use of cardboard.

1. Corrugated cardboard or become honeycomb cardboard, its main raw material for the recovery of cartons, more environmentally friendly cardboard, and the thickness can be high or low; mainly used in crates, large equipment, packaging or liner. But this cardboard hardness and bursting resistance are relatively low, but its wide range of uses, faster recovery. Although it is low in the status of cardboard, but the largest amount of cardboard.

2. Hot pressed cardboard, or become a pressure plate, it is in the production and production process is more complex and more stress, because of its resistance to stress, resistance to twisting, bursting strength and tensile strength are better; but there is a drawback is The weight is too high, when the raw material as a box, the bad slot and indentation. This cardboard is mainly used in electrical insulation or packaging and other fields.

3. Composite cardboard, mainly the use of waste newspapers, recycled paper products to produce, made into paperboard, and then into a relatively high thickness of the cardboard, this cardboard is the most environmentally friendly. It has several categories; one is gray cardboard, mainly with the waste paper or paper made of secondary pulp, because after the color is gray, so called gray cardboard, can not do not weigh the thickness of the In accordance with the needs of together, become gray cardboard. Second, cowhide color paper, referred to as kraft paper, it can also be compounded on the surface of the board, a kraft liner. Kraft board and gray cardboard further, to improve the hardness of the gray cardboard and bursting resistance. The third is coated with white cardboard, it is based on the gray board coated with white to meet the needs of packaging or liner. The application of this cardboard is mainly concentrated in the field of printing and packaging, such as food, jewelry packaging, handicrafts box, or folders, files of the skin, the skin of the notebook and hardcover books can be used.

Hot plate application is relatively narrow, and the payback period is very long, but not enough environmental protection, so the application of gray cardboard will be with the growing social demand and usher in unprecedented market opportunities. But this cardboard in the industry did not form a market resonance, who is who, who sell who, the quality standards are not qualitative, from the concept only only prototype. In recent years, with the impact of the international environment, the United States waste (referring to the United States to recover waste paper) and the European waste and waste, the export price of China is not equal enough, and the country is basically operating in the small business hawkers link; Resulting in price instability, uneven quality and other issues, the price of the floating material caused by the amount of change, and the quality of the deviation is too large, the price is low when the quality of the point, the price is high, the quality of doping sawdust. So the size is the main reason, there are few domestic scale paperboard and cardboard composite factory, the reason, or waste paper in the recycling and import of waste paper links, this chain is not worn but not yet Used in place.