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Coated Duplex Board Products Are Divided Into
Sep 27, 2017

coated duplex board Products are divided into

Coated double-sided full name is double-gray industrial cardboard, is produced by a recycled waste paper. Products are divided into single gray, double ash, all gray, environmentally friendly packaging materials. Its derivative products are hardcover books, storage boxes, packaging boxes, advertising boards, bags, samples, linings, partitions and so on. Below, gray cardboard manufacturers will take you to understand the coated double panel. 1, quantitative

Quantitative is the weight of a square meter area of paper. Single gray paper, coated double panel and composite gray plate of the quantitative deviation of +3% -5%. To 600g, for example, its quantitative standards should be between 570g ~ 618g, beyond this range is substandard products.

2, thickness

Thickness refers to the thickness of the cardboard measured directly between the sides of the face by a certain pressure (measured by the pressure of ± 0.1kg) measured directly. Expressed in millimeters or microns. The thickness of the single gray paper, the coated double panel and the composite gray plate is 0.155mm to 0.16mm per 100g, and 600g, for example, has a thickness standard between 0.0.93mm and 0.96mm.

3, moisture

Moisture refers to the moisture content of the fibers in the cardboard, expressed in%. According to cardboard GB standard single gray paper, coated double panel 250g ~ 750g water 7% ~ 9% composite double gray board 8% ~ 14% composite gray endboard 8% ~ 14% composite whole gray board 8% ~ 12% composite gray Bottom white 8% to 12%

4, skewness

Skewness, also known as squareness, refers to the maximum diagonal deviation of the plate paper. Generally used mm said. In accordance with the requirements of skew can not exceed 3mm.

We from different angles of view coated double-sided panels, will get a different understanding. So, after the analysis of a thing in time to analyze the comprehensive, in order to better strengthen the understanding of things. I plant the production of double-sided coating for many years, how to produce high-quality coated double-sided panel has sufficient experience.

   In general, the use of packaging after the sale of discarded cardboard, mostly sold directly to the recycling of waste, and then after the acquisition of waste processing station, it sold directly to the cardboard mill, and then after a series of processing, The cardboard in the processing and production, to produce the needs of the gray cardboard. (Gray cardboard)

    1, the use of the old cardboard after the renovation of the treatment, in the re-processing can be used to use the coated double-panel, in the past, are generally used to sew paperboard, the overall treatment, and then re-printing the required pattern. Moreover, the small cardboard is re-combination, in the plastic processing. These two methods can be in the transformation of gray paperboard flatness can not meet the requirements, processes, waste a lot of shortcomings.

   2, in order to save time and give full play to its advantages, the waste coating double panel for technical improvements, first worn out the whole cardboard for simple processing, the old cardboard pin nails to remove the clean, the flat paper Into a single sheet, and then paste the same paper into a multi-layer or single-layer long cardboard, and finally the pressure will be separated from the pressure of the paper sheet to ensure that the formation of bonding, and then made useful industrial gray cardboard can be.