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Coated Duplex Board Save Capital
Oct 31, 2017

coated duplex board Save capital

Over the years, people have been happy with the rapid increase in China's economy, and more on the cost of existing capital shows concern. On the gray cardboard packaging career, in order to meet the needs of people to produce the day, we must continue to develop more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly goods.

In order to further accelerate the process of traditional packaging materials such as wood, the effective compensation for the lack of wood packaging, the Chinese paper malls and production of technical personnel, with a strong sense of social responsibility and innovation and innovation, The state of the call, to awaken people on the savings of wood, green awareness, through repeated trials on the basis of the successful launch of the green new goods - double gray cardboard.

Double gray cardboard is based on the request of green packaging, full use of recycled fiber, such as newsprint and other waste paper as a material, through a series of modern technology, processed from environmentally friendly goods.

The so-called green packaging, refers to those who can be repeated use, recovery of regeneration or degradation, degeneration, and in the entire product life cycle of the human body and the environment will not form a pollution package. And double gray cardboard of the indicators in full compliance with the requirements of green packaging. In particular, compared with the wooden packaging, double gray cardboard has many advantages.

Double gray paperboards have increasingly shown the green packaging of data on the savings, recycling and security requirements, and these are the wood packaging products can not have a thorough. We may wish to double-gray cardboard and wood packaging materials, from three aspects in detail:

1, safety and health

Commodity packaging, special request packaging materials on the goods themselves have a solid maintenance. Double gray cardboard manufacturing technology can not only be satisfied with the demand for goods on the stiffness, and has a high flat, suitable for use in automatic production equipment, production process safety and power will be greatly improved.

Because some of the wood packaging will take pests and diseases, coupled with the international trade constraints barriers, which exports on the formation of goods can not be compensated for the loss. These years the United States, the EU ban on the Chinese wooden pallets are now we sounded the alarm. The double gray paperboard, whether it is material, or the processing process are through a rigorous inspection process, so that cardboard completely meet the health requirements, expanding the packaging of cardboard, and improve the level of packaging products.

2, save capital

Double gray cardboard in the use of, can be completely recovered and then use. Repeated use of the process, making the use of limited capital greatly improved, and double gray cardboard does not need through the upper pulp, the coating process, saving a lot of water and electricity, chemical supplies expenses, and human capital costs. And wood packaging, not only with large quantities of materials, expensive, but also cost a lot of natural or artificial forest. In addition, the recovery of timber capital is slow, and as a wooden box and other packaging materials, can not give full play to the effect of wood, the use of all the timber structure will have a reasonable impact.

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