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Coated Duplex Board Structural Features
Sep 06, 2017

Coated Duplex Board Structural features

Paper and cardboard,

1, the definition of paper and cardboard: paper and cardboard is a macro fiber complex woven intertwined and constitute a mesh structure.

2, paper structure characteristics: ① by the complex structure of the composition of non-homogeneous thin pages: fibers, fillers, compounds and dyes; ② paper structure between the binding force: hydrogen bonding force (main), chemical The paper is a kind of porous material: determines the paper's absorption performance, permeability, smoothness, hygroscopicity, moisture deformation. (Through the opening of the paper, the hole, the gap inside the fiber) ④ has a three-dimensional structure: vertical, horizontal, Z direction; ⑤ with two sides: the shape of the opposite sex, one side contact with the mesh, one side contact with the blanket.

3, the nature of paper and cardboard:

(1) the nature of the fiber determines the nature of the paper: ① adsorption and scattering type - microstructure; ② hydrophilic - with hydroxyl; ③ hydrogen bonding capacity and strength; ④ softness; ⑤ flammability; ⑥ color function;

⑵ fiber intertwined: ① porous; ② by adding functional substances obtained: sizing, and so on.

4, the performance of paper: ① general performance: appearance quality, quantitative, thickness, tightness, dimensional stability, etc .; ② mechanical properties: tensile strength, bursting resistance, folding resistance, elongation, but also pressure (1) Permeability: permeability, moisture permeability, oil permeability, water resistance, hydrophobic, etc .; ④ optical properties: whiteness, gloss, color, (not) transparency, etc .; ⑤ surface performance: Smoothness, stiffness, surface friction coefficient, roughness, adhesive properties, hair loss performance; ⑥ printing performance: surface strength, ink absorption, smoothness, stiffness, sizing, etc .; ⑦ other special properties: chemical properties , Electrical properties, water solubility and so on.

Second, the longitudinal (Z) and horizontal of the paper (cardboard)

1, the definition: the general provisions of the machine along the direction of paper and paperboard longitudinal, perpendicular to the direction of the machine running in the horizontal.

2, paper (cardboard) vertical structure features: layered stack and structure, vertical fiber rarely intertwined

3, the reasons for the structure of the layer: the fiber in the distribution of different paper, resulting in paper anisotropy, that is, the performance of different directions of the paper.

4, the impact of Z strength factors: ① fiber average length, fiber length of the single-length Z on the strength of the impact is small, can be ignored; ② Z strength is not affected by the fiber strength; ③ Z strength and the relationship between tightness; The arrangement has a great influence on the vertical nature.