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Coated Duplex Board Surface Paste Performance
Oct 31, 2017

Coated Duplex Board Surface paste performance

I believe that people familiar with the history, should know that the paper is our country's ancient invented, his name is Cai Lun. In fact, paper is really a more complex process, especially as people's needs are getting higher and higher, the technical requirements for a variety of paper is also increasing. Coated white paper is one of many paper. Now, we are introduced by the gray paper manufacturers, coated white paper on the main technical requirements.

The main technical requirements for coating whiteboards are as follows:

First, there is good print adaptability

Coated white paper must have a high degree of whiteness, smooth feel, the surface clean and uniform, the paper is flat, uniform thickness, dimensional stability, good surface strength, ink absorption is moderate, after printing, gloss and other properties.

Second, the performance of the box

Coated white paper by the box after the rigid, high-speed punching when the incision is not jagged, accurate pressure line, and bending is not broken, that is, cardboard has a high degree of stiffness and resistance.

Third, there is surface paste performance

This indicator is related to the coating formulation and is adjusted according to the different uses of the box and the different process of the box.

In fact, in addition to the technical requirements of coated white paper is relatively high, there is a single-sided composite whiteboard technical requirements are relatively high, because it is a single-sided composite, rather than ordinary white paper. Just we have to provide a single double-sided composite whiteboard, if you need, you can call the consultation. Double gray paperboards have increasingly shown the green packaging of data on the savings, recycling and security requirements, and these are the wood packaging products can not have a thorough. We may wish to double-gray cardboard and wood packaging materials, from three aspects in detail:

1, safety and health

Commodity packaging, special request packaging materials on the goods themselves have a solid maintenance. Double gray cardboard manufacturing technology can not only be satisfied with the demand for goods on the stiffness, and has a high flat, suitable for use in automatic production equipment, production process safety and power will be greatly improved.

Because some of the wood packaging will take pests and diseases, coupled with the international trade constraints barriers, which exports on the formation of goods can not be compensated for the loss. These years the United States, the EU ban on the Chinese wooden pallets are now we sounded the alarm. The double gray paperboard, whether it is material, or the processing process are through a rigorous inspection process, so that cardboard completely meet the health requirements, expanding the packaging of cardboard, and improve the level of packaging products.