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Difference Between White Cardboard And Boxboard?
Nov 30, 2016

White paper white paper jam a little harder, a little thicker. White cardboard smoother, whiter, and both are white smooth surface; white paper-a white smooth surface on one side is grey and rough surfaces.

White card has a higher stiffness, bursting strength and smoothness (but except for the white card with a pattern printed) surface smooth, neat appearance, no streaks, spots and other paper, or to warp phenomenon. Suitable for printing and packaging of the product and can be used for business cards, invitations, certificates, menus, calendars and postcards of the month, or similar products. Most common paper jam not colored, often called white cardboard. If paint color called color paper jam.

White card paper is a positive sign is white and smooth, gray on the back end of the cardboard, made this Board is mainly used for single-sided printing tray for use in packaging, or to design, handmade products.

Paper thick and sides different colors, white paper is a grey and white, also known as the gray-coated white.