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Distinction Introduces
Nov 30, 2016

White cardboard is a strong quantitative large thick, thick paper.

People used to be on a quantitative basis, divided: paper, cardboard and paperboard; early quantitative is about 200g/square meters in Shanghai business white paper (a smooth surface, press light, high stiffness, also known as cardboard), saying heavy paper. In fact, it is a paper jam. Most common paper jam not colored, often called white cardboard. If paint color called color paper jam. 

White cardboard is used, print business cards, certificates, invitations, envelopes and month calendars and postcards.

White card named "white", so very high standards for whiteness and whiteness not less than a 92%,B of not less than 87%,C not less than 82%. Brightness more than 90%, it was "shine".

White cardboard or ask for a higher degree of stiffness, bursting strength and smoothness (except on white cardboard printed with patterns), paper formation, no streaks, spots and other paper, or to warp phenomenon.

White cardboard bullish on the China market. Previously, China many tourist hotels, joint ventures are using most of the white cardboard imported from abroad. Now, the rise of Ningbo Zhonghua paper, changed the imports of paper ruled China white paperboard market conditions. Ningbo Zhonghua paper bleached chemical wood pulp, first-class processing equipment and advanced technology, so that product quality is extremely good, comparable with imported products, and the price is much lower than imported products.