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Duplex Board Grey Back According To The Requirements Of The Paper
Oct 19, 2017

Duplex Board Grey Back According to the requirements of the paper

Gray-bottomed double-sided paper when the paper is generally required to store enough 4 to 6 months of raw materials, raw materials in the storage through natural fermentation, in order to facilitate the pulp, while ensuring the continuous production of paper mills. (For the production of chemical pulp) or wood off (for the production of wood pulp), and then put the small pieces of raw materials into the digester with chemical liquid, with steam for cooking , The raw materials boiled pulp, or wood broken to the grinding machine grinding into pulp, but also through a certain degree of cooking and then ground into pulp. And then washed with plenty of water on the pulp, and through the screening and purification of the pulp in the coarse, knots, stones and sand, etc. to remove. And then according to the requirements of the paper, bleach bleached pulp to the required whiteness, and then use beating equipment for beating. And then in the pulp to improve the performance of paper to improve the filler, rubber, sizing agent and other accessories, and again purification and screening, and finally sent to the paper machine through the net filter, squeeze dehydration, dryer drying, pressure roll Take, and cut and rewind or cut to produce web and plate. If the production to produce coated printing paper, you need to dry the middle or into a web after the coating and processing to achieve. In addition to the above basic process, but also includes a number of auxiliary processes, such as the preparation of cooking liquor, the preparation of bleach, rubber compound and cooking waste.

The gray cardboard manufacturers is a gray paper production and processing enterprises, after years of arduous pioneering and hard work, music and strength has been strengthened in the industry to win a good reputation.

Duplex full gray cardboard is made from a recycled waste paper. Products are divided into single gray, double ash, all gray, environmentally friendly packaging materials. Its derivative products are: packaging box, advertising board, luggage, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, liner, partitions and so on.

The duplex paperboard is the first indicator of the quality of the cardboard. The flat paper is the length and width of the web, the web is of paper mass, width, and the cardboard size in mm. The board allows a size deviation of no more than ± 3mm. Outside the specifications of the writing is very important, because the general paper out of the paper have lines, the direction of the lines and the specifications of the size of a parallel. For example: 787 * 1092 lines and 1092 parallel direction, 700 * 940 lines The direction is parallel to 940.