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Duplex Board Grey Back Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials
Aug 02, 2017

Duplex Board Grey Back Environmentally friendly packaging materials

As a kind of environmentally friendly packaging materials, gray bottom plate is mainly a waste paper production and reuse of technology products, by the majority of environmental protection people love. Gray under the double board is a common type of gray bottom double board, derived products are: packaging boxes, advertising boards, bags, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, linings, partitions and so on.

    1, used in packaging cardboard, such as composite cardboard, gray at the end of the board;

2, for finishing and printing of cardboard: for example, book cover hardcover with the cardboard, for the printing of the font cardboard and cardboard and so on.

    3, for filtering gas or liquid filter cardboard; for example, for the gas mask filter cardboard, a variety of internal combustion engine lubricants, fuel oil, air filter cardboard, as well as for filtering a variety of beverages, beer and other cardboard.

    4, for the building building insulation, sound insulation of the construction of cardboard, roof waterproof asbestos cardboard, felt paper and so on.

    5, for transformers, motors and other electrical equipment manufacturing electrical insulation cardboard, as oil or air media in the insulating material.

    6, used in compression molding products with standard stamping cardboard, textile jacquard and so on.

  Winter haze burst table, the mood is very bad. Cardboard is also always degumming, which can be how good? In fact, the winter is not just cardboard burst line season, is the high incidence of cardboard degumming. Want cardboard is not degumming, cardboard manufacturers Xiaobian today to talk about the production of glue on the gelatinization temperature control.

    The so-called gelatinization refers to the starch and water co-heat, under certain conditions into a translucent colloid phenomenon. Starch heat, in a certain temperature range, the beginning of the destruction of starch granules, crystal structure disappeared, the volume expansion, the viscosity rose sharply, was viscous paste, that is, non-crystalline starch. And starch gelatinization of the temperature is called gelatinization temperature. The gelatinization temperature of starch varies depending on the type of raw material and the size of starch granules. Many factories in the production of glue on the gelatinization temperature is not enough attention, all year round is a formula, gelatinization temperature has not changed.

    Such as a factory in the summer when the gelatinization temperature is 58 ℃, to the winter gelatinization temperature or 58 ℃, the summer when the production is still possible, but one to the winter there is a problem, the speed is not fast, cardboard baking time increases, Water loss on the big lead to cardboard burst line, but the speed of a cardboard on the skim off, it shows that the gelatinization temperature is too high.

    Since the reason for the winter degumming is the problem of gelatinization temperature, then, find out the gelatinization temperature index is the most important!

    The temperature of the gelatinization temperature in winter must be low, because the temperature of the equipment and paper in winter is easy to volatilize, and the temperature of the paper will be reduced. Therefore, the gelatinization temperature should be lower when the paste is made. ° C, which favors the adhesion of the paste. So as to avoid the reduction of vehicle speed and the development of paperboard degumming.

    Summer when the gelatinization temperature can be higher, such as 58 ~ 60 ℃ can be because the summer equipment temperature loss is relatively small, followed by the paper to get the temperature is relatively fast, so the summer gelatinization temperature should not be too low, or there will be false bonding The Is to explain paste paste in advance caused by the paste.