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Duplex Board Grey Back From The Material
Jul 17, 2017

Duplex Board Grey Back From the material

The Chinese industry has provided a strong impetus for China's rapid economic growth. Industry is the foundation of China's economic development and the engine of my rapid economic growth. And industrial development cannot leave the industrial cardboard and cardboard industry is far behind the pace of the development of industry, the rapid growth of not only cannot promote the development of industry, but have serious lag on the development of Chinese economy. At present, there are many industrial cardboard manufacturers, but most of them are small cottage enterprises, not only the equipment is backward, the personnel are not enough. It did not form a uniform industrial cardboard market, which caused the industrial cardboard industry to be scattered and backward, so that it could not keep up with the speed of industrial development.

In fact, if it's not involved in the work, speaking of industrial cardboard, you're certainly not familiar with it, and I want to talk about how industrial cardboard is produced. The manufacture and application of industrial cardboard have also been carefully described. Industrial cardboard manufacturing and application of comprehensive and systematic introduction of industrial board manufacturing process and its application, and the electrical insulating cardboard, cardboard processing, building board and other industrial and technology board from product standard, application, process, operation and so on has made the detailed introduction. This book not only summarizes the production experience of industrial cardboard in China, but also introduces the equipment of foreign cardboard production. It is of great significance to speed up the progress of China's industrial paperboard manufacturing industry by combining with China's practice and absorbing international advanced technology. What's the difference between the two grey cardboard and the cardboard? The difference is still huge, from three aspects:

1: from the outside, the two grey paperboard is grey, but the inner core of the paper is different from the outside, and it is more deeply, and the cut is not completely flat.

2: from the point of the material, the material of gray paper pulp to more than double the ash, fiber length, so the all grey paper harder, higher stiffness, look more lubrication, it is suitable for senior, softness higher commodities. For example, high-end jewelry boxes, wine boxes.

3: from the quotation, due to the different materials, the whole grey board should be 100 ~ 200 yuan more than the double grey. As an environment-friendly packaging material, the industrial paper is mainly used as a waste paper for the reuse of technical products, which is deeply loved by the environmentalists. Industrial paper all gray board to gray paper, a few types of derivative products are: packing boxes, advertising board, bags, hardcover books, receive a case, samples, lining board, partition and so on.

1. Apply to packaging board, such as composite board, double grey board, etc.

2. Used for finishing and printing paperboard: for example, paperboard for book cover, type-printed cardboard and sealing board.

3. The paper of industrial paper is used to filter the gas or liquid. For example, it is used for anti-gas mask filter board, various internal combustion engine oil, fuel oil, air filter board, etc.

4. Used for building thermal insulation and sound insulation of buildings, asbestos board and linoleum paper, etc.

5. Electrical insulation board for transformer, motor and other electrical equipment, as insulation material in oil medium or air medium.

6. Used for stamping cardboard, jacquard board of textile, etc.