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Duplex Board Grey Back Green
Sep 27, 2017

 Duplex Board Grey Back Green

In our lives all kinds of paper and cardboard their original raw materials are derived from the nature of the wood, it is because people are large quantities of deforestation caused by soil erosion, dust storms and other adverse effects. In recent years in order to protect the environment, people also attach importance to the protection of trees, double gray cardboard is a green cardboard.

    Maybe some people do not understand the double gray cardboard, do not know its contribution to environmental protection. Double gray cardboard is a gray cardboard manufacturers produced by a recycled waste paper, waste recycling, but even this waste recycling it also for people's lives contribute a lot of strength, shoebox, Boutique book cover, packaging and so on are made of double gray cardboard made.

    Production of double gray cardboard manufacturers also have a lot, but the packaging cardboard mill in the production of cardboard is more professional, the manufacturers produce all kinds of cardboard, white cardboard, industrial cardboard, double gray cardboard everything, and the manufacturers are still nationwide Business point of sale, to provide customers with the greatest convenience. With cardboard on the election double gray cardboard, a really green good cardboard.

   In general, the use of packaging after the sale of discarded cardboard, mostly sold directly to the recycling of waste, and then after the acquisition of waste processing station, it sold directly to the cardboard mill, and then after a series of processing, The cardboard in the processing and production, to produce the needs of the gray cardboard.

    1, the old cardboard used after the renovation of the processing, in the re-processing can be used in the double gray cardboard, in the past, are generally used suture cardboard, the overall treatment, and then re-printing the required pattern. Moreover, the small cardboard is re-combination, in the plastic processing. These two methods can be in the transformation of gray paperboard flatness can not meet the requirements, processes, waste a lot of shortcomings.

   2, in order to save time and give full play to its advantages, the old double gray paperboard for a technical improvement, first worn old cardboard for a simple treatment, the old cardboard pin nails to remove the clean, the flat paper into Leaflets, and then paste the same paper into a multi-layer or single-layer long cardboard, and finally press the pressure will be separated from the thin sheet of paper to ensure that the formation of bonding, and then made of useful industrial gray cardboard can be.

Cardboard is usually made from a variety of plant fiber as raw materials, but also mixed with non-plant fiber, made on the cardboard machine. Some special cardboard is also mixed with wool and other animal fibers or asbestos and other mineral fibers. Next, the manufacturer will be based on the use of cardboard will be divided into several categories of cardboard. 1, printing and decoration with cardboard, such as font cardboard, cover cardboard and so on.

2, packaging cardboard, such as boxboard, kraft paperboard, yellow cardboard, white cardboard, impregnated liner cardboard.

3, industrial technology with cardboard, such as electrical insulation cardboard, asphalt waterproof cardboard.

4, building cardboard, such as linoleum paper, soundproof cardboard, fire cardboard, gypsum cardboard and so on.