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Duplex Board Grey Back High Strength
Sep 06, 2017

Duplex Board Grey Back high strength

Gray cardboard, including double gray cardboard, all-gray cardboard, a single gray cardboard, composite gray cardboard, and its characteristics:

    Gray cardboard

    1, gray cardboard high strength, smooth surface, not easy to deformation

    Gray cardboard sandwich structure is approximately isotropic, structural stability is good, not easy to deformation, its outstanding compressive strength and bending resistance is the most important characteristics of box-type packaging materials.

    2, gray paper board light, less materials, low cost

    The gray cardboard sandwich structure has the greatest strength / mass ratio compared to other sheet structures, and the performance / price ratio of its finished products is good, which is the key to the success of cellular paper.

    3, gray paperboard pollution, in line with modern environmental trends, sound absorption, heat insulation

    Gray cardboard sandwich structure inside the closed chamber, which is full of air, so it has a good sound insulation performance.

    4, gray cardboard impact resistance, good cushioning

    Gray cardboard made of flexible paper core and tissue paper, with good toughness and resilience, unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent cushioning performance.

   In our lives a variety of paper and cardboard their original raw materials are derived from the nature of the wood, it is because people are large quantities of deforestation only caused by soil erosion, dust storms and other adverse effects. In recent years in order to protect the environment, people also attach importance to the protection of trees, double gray cardboard is a green cardboard.

    Gray cardboard

(Gray cardboard)

    Perhaps some people do not understand the double gray cardboard, do not know its contribution to environmental protection. Double gray cardboard is a gray cardboard manufacturers produced by a recycled waste paper, waste recycling, but even this waste recycling it also for people's lives contribute a lot of strength, shoebox, Boutique book cover, packaging and so on are made of double gray cardboard made.

    Production of double gray cardboard manufacturers also have a lot, but Zhenwen packaging cardboard factory in the production of cardboard is more professional, the manufacturers produce all kinds of cardboard, white cardboard, industrial cardboard, double gray cardboard everything, and the manufacturers are still nationwide Have a business point of sale, to provide customers with the greatest convenience. With cardboard on the election double gray cardboard, a real green good cardboard.

    Double gray cardboard is made of coated base paper coated and decorated after processing made of advanced printing paper. The printing process requirements are slightly higher, the printing performance is good, the color reproduction is high, the ink absorption is good, the printing ink is relatively thick, so the dry time is longer; Suitable for the fashion magazine, the promotion propaganda, the album and so on the fine figure main Of the album design.

In addition, gray cardboard with a light weight, high strength, rapid prototyping, low cost, moisture, fire, no deformation, good rigidity, excellent mechanical properties and absorption capacity of many excellent features.