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Duplex Board Grey Back Recycled Waste Paper
Jul 04, 2017

Duplex Board Grey Back Recycled waste paper

Double gray cardboard full name is double gray industrial cardboard, is produced by a recycled waste paper. Products are divided into single gray, double ash, all gray, environmentally friendly packaging materials. Introduction to editors

Its derivative products are: packaging box, advertising board, luggage, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, liner, partitions and other specifications size editing

Size is the first indicator of the quality of the cardboard. Flat paper is the length and width of the paper, the web quality, width, cardboard size in mm. Cardboard size tolerance does not exceed ± 3mm. In addition to the specifications of the writing is very Important, because the general paper out of the paper have lines, the direction of the lines and the specifications of the size of a parallel. For example: 787 * 1092 lines and 1092 parallel direction, 700 * 940 lines direction and 940 parallel Quantitative editing

Quantitative is the weight of a square meter area of paper, generally in g / ㎡. Single gray paper, double gray paper and composite gray plate quantitative deviation of +3% -5%. 600g, for example, its quantitative standards Should be between 570g ~ 618g, more than this range is unqualified products.

Thickness refers to the thickness of the cardboard measured directly between two sides by a certain pressure (± 0.1 kg of pressure at the time of measurement), expressed in millimeters or microns. The thickness of a single gray paper, double gray paper and composite gray plate is 100g 0.155mm ~ 0.16mm. 600g, for example, its thickness standard in the 0.0.93mm ~ 0.96mm between the water editor

Moisture refers to the moisture content of the fibers in the cardboard. Expressed in%. According to the standard of the cardboard GB single gray paper, double gray paper 250g ~ 750g water 7% ~ 9% composite double gray board 8% ~ 14% 14% composite all-gray board 8% ~ 12% composite gray board whiteboard 8% ~ 12% skew editing

Skewness, also known as square degrees, refers to the maximum deviation of the diagonal of the plate. General mm said. In accordance with the requirements of skew can not exceed 3mm.

 Interlayer binding force editing

The interlaminar bonding force is the bonding strength between the fibers of the paperboard wet paper layer when subjected to external damage, and is expressed by J / ㎡.

  A few years ago, white paper is made from the pulp and the bottom of the pulp in the multi-round multi-dryer paper machine or long round net mixed cardboard machine made of copy, but with the progress of paper technology, most of the current use of stacked paper machine, Round paper machine has been slowly eliminated.

The slurry is also generally divided into the pulp (surface layer), the liner (two layers), the core pulp (three layers), the backing pulp (four layers), the pulp ratio of the layers of the pulp material is different, Material of the fiber ratio, but also according to the quality of the paper produced by the difference.

The first layer for the surface layer of pulp, requiring high brightness, with a certain strength, usually using bleached kraft pulp or with some bleached chemical pulp and white paper waste paper pulp; the second layer for the lining, Surface layer and the role of the core layer, also requires a certain degree of whiteness, usually with 100% mechanical wood pulp or light-colored waste paper pulp; the third layer for the core layer, mainly from the filling effect to increase the thickness of cardboard, The use of mixed waste paper pulp or straw pulp, this layer of the thickest, high-quality cardboard commonly used several slots in several times hanging pulp; the last layer is the bottom, with improved cardboard appearance, improve strength, to prevent curling function, usually With high-yield pulp or better waste paper pulp as raw material, cardboard surface color gray, can also be required to produce other bottom color.