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How To Choose Whiteboard Correctly
May 20, 2017

What is whiteboard paper?

White board is a white and smooth white, smooth and gray on the back of the cardboard, this cardboard is bleached chemical pulp for the flour, mixed with a variety of pulp for the pulp made by the printing made of paper box.

How to choose:

Good quality whiteboard, the opposite is more delicate, less impurity, not easy to be water infiltration. You can pour a little water in the negative observation. Positive, then the coating layer to be more uniform, can not reveal the end, is to see the color of the floor. Coating can not be too thick, thick easy to fall off powder. You can fold to see the coating layer powder situation. From the side does not look potholes, no black paper.

Coated paper in addition to the thickness of the more uniform, from the side look, the gloss is the same, there will not be some places where the light of the phenomenon of light Asia, and good copper paper feel relatively light, and softness is also very good. Take a tear when the tearing side of a lot of fiber. Cardboard is mainly to see the thickness of the uniform.

What is the difference between whiteboard paper and printing?

White paper quality requirements of the box and the printing of two aspects of the box on the requirements of the cardboard is the appropriate degree of stiffness, in particular, to have a certain degree of folding strength, so that the carton made strong, Box of frustration pressure line is not easy to break and break, the average tension should be not less than 200k g / cm l. Average resistance is not less than 20 times. In the printing, the main requirements of the paper to sell white, smooth, whiteboard brightness is generally above 70. Cardboard should be flat, consistent thickness, texture close, scalability to be small, generally to adapt to 5,7 color overprint.

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