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Ivory Board Multi-layer Mixed Wood Sticks Into The Core
Jun 05, 2017

The use of various types of plates and advantages and disadvantages of the use of a variety of panels and the advantages and disadvantages of the board, 9 PCT board, also known as Daixinban, are common plate, This plate in the middle of the multi-layer mixed wood strips into the core, both sides and then paste the sheet, because these plates are made of glue bonded, coupled with the quality of the domestic binder uneven, a lot of binder formaldehyde And the content of benzene are excessive, so the plate caused by these substances exceeded, furniture, after easy to have pungent taste. Due to a variety of mixed wood together, the density difference is large, easy to produce deformation; high water content; formaldehyde content is higher; can not be used directly, must be post-processing. Usage: commonly used processing methods are hand-made single-layer paste or brush mixed with oil, the back painted varnish treatment, such as double-sided are decorated surface is twice the cost. Environmental testing standards: the amount of formaldehyde per cubic meter of its formaldehyde emission should be less than or equal to 150 mg. Even if it has such a defect, and now the home improvement project, whether it is the door, door sets, window covers, heating hood or lockers, cabinets and other most commonly used or big core board. MDF is now very commonly used plate, because it is made of wood powder extrusion bonding so dense structure, the surface is smooth, simple processing, easy to damp deformation, low formaldehyde content, it is suitable for the production of furniture, but in addition to the same Of the fault, there is a fatal problem, that is, nail force is not strong, because it is the structure of wood powder, no lines, so when the nails or screws tight, especially the screws in the same place fast twice Above, will lose the tightening force. The logs degreased peeled, crushed into wood chips and then by high temperature, high pressure molding, high density, so called the density board, the surface often attached to the three hydrogenated ammonia or veneer and other finishes. According to the difference between imported and domestic and thickness, each price from 80 yuan to 200 yuan ranging from environmental testing standards per cubic meter of its formaldehyde emission should be less than or equal to 30 mg. Particleboard, all kinds of branches and branches into a grain, and then by the adhesive high pressure, because the profile similar to the honeycomb, so called particleboard. Now most of the international plate furniture are the use of such plates, the advantages of the internal cross-staggered structure of the granular, so the grip nail force is good, transverse bearing capacity is good, and the cost is lower than the medium density, formaldehyde content than the medium density Plate height, but much lower than the big core board; the price is relatively cheap (according to the appearance of imports and domestic and the thickness of the difference, each price is 60 to 160 yuan). Disadvantages of the method is easy, the quality difference is very large, difficult to distinguish, bending and tensile resistance is poor, loose loose loose. Usage surface is also often trimer hydrogen ammonia finishes double-sided pressure, the edge of the treatment and the appearance of the same density plate with the use of various types of plate gypsum board: ceiling

 Three folders, five folders, nine plywood are plywood, also known as fine core board, a few folders is a few layers of board fight, a layer of 1mm. Blockboard, also known as big core board, looks like three layers, the middle layer of thick, different core, there Liu An and Zamu, Liu An good point. Both sides of the two layers of about 2mm thick, the general total thickness of 18mm. MDF is made of wood to add colloidal repression. Their use is for wood products, storage room, shoe cabinet, door cover, window cover, baseboard and so on. Artificial stone made of artificial marble, in the material is not much difference, most of them are saturated resin and stone powder from the natural casting. So the product of scientific and technological content is very low, good and bad distinction is nothing more than in these two things to add the proportion is reasonable. More resin, the material is no stone texture, will produce a sense of transparency, plastic feeling. Stone powder more, then the material fragile and easy to crack, not easy to bond. Imported artificial marble is used as the main material of unsaturated resin. Strength and toughness are far more than saturated resin, is the manufacture of dentures of raw materials, processing technology is completely different, so the price is very expensive.