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Sep 03, 2017


      Starting from September 1, the national customs will carry out special operations on intellectual property protection of intellectual property rights of export intellectual property for three months, code-named "longteng" operation.

In this "dragon-teng" operation, national customs will be exported to Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and "One Belt And One Road" countries and regions.

The main traditional products such as small home appliances, mobile electronic products, engineering machinery, daily necessities, holiday products, special products, etc., carry out special enforcement and assist enterprise rights protection.

Yang zongren, director of the department of political and political affairs of the general administration of customs, said the national customs will focus on law enforcement and crack down on illegal import and export enterprises that violate intellectual property rights.

During the operation, the customs will be to "longteng" infringement action key enterprises intellectual property increase the intensity of punishment, for alleged intellectual property crime, notify the public security organs according to law, shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility