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Performance Of Grey Base Whiteboard Paper
Oct 27, 2017

White paper also called the book sealed shell board, is a designated national industry standard used book sealed shell cardboard. From the late 1970s began making, applied to the seal shell effect is good, still in use.

The ground white board paper is made of ground pulp, semi chemical wood pulp, straw pulp and the same waste pulp, which is made of multilayer (usually three layers) structure. White paper (smooth surface by pressure light processing), suitable for the production of various types of seal shell.

White paper is currently making book sealed shell, various folders on a board of the largest amount of. Due to the choice of materials and making the board more stringent requirements, so it has the appropriate moisture, small elongation, good elasticity and tightness appropriate, smooth surface, after deformation etc., for books, the book processing units favored, and was identified as the book sealed shell made exclusively with cardboard.

At present a lot of China's production of white paper manufacturers, but the quality is still not stable enough, often appear cardboard surface is not smooth, the water content exceed the standard, tolerances on thickness and level is not strong (cutting delamination), scar and other issues, to the bookbinding processing trouble. Although the quality of products has improved in recent years, but still can not avoid the impact of foreign imports of cardboard. In order to ensure the smooth processing, we should pay attention to the following points when using the gray board paper.

(1) according to the selection of appropriate processing grade grade cardboard, and according to the book thickness, dimension of suitable thickness.

(2) when the moisture content of the paperboard is too large in winter, don't rush to use it, store it for a period of time, make the water evaporate naturally, and use it again after balance with the humidity of the environment. Do not open material after drying, it will not cause the book sealed shell size, and book block overlap.

(3) when using automatic gilding machine, if the thickness of the paperboard is large enough, it should be checked and selected in advance. It can be roughly separated according to the thickness, and also can be processed by manual gilding machine.

(4) a material found cardboard layer to poor adhesion, then neither (separation) cut into small size, should not be used for medium size cardboard, because the interlayer is not solid paste made of cardboard book sealed shell will appear after the appearance of rough, convex, warping phenomenon, affecting the appearance quality of books.

There are several kinds of white board paper, such as 1100mm * 800mm, 1350mm * 920mm and so on. They are packed in flat form and each piece weight is not more than 250kg.

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