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Print Method Of Whiteboard
May 20, 2017

Print method of whiteboard

Box packaging, wine boxes, food boxes and other box packaging and decoration printing products, often with 250-400g / m2 whiteboard, card paper to print, offset printing machine can print the maximum paper thickness of 0.9mm, but the general The situation is required to print paper thickness is often only between 0.04-0.3mm. White paper and coated paper, offset paper, letterpress paper is the difference between the thickness of the paper, offset printing white paper in the process of offset printing machine parts, embossed part of the printing sequence, ink balance and many other parts are To adjust accordingly.

First, the offset printing part of the adjustment

1, white paper printing to the paper part of the suction nozzle and blowing the mouth of the air volume should be adjusted accordingly.

2, sub-paper nozzle, feed nozzle to replace the larger diameter and larger thickness of the rubber apron, pull gauge spring can be replaced by a diameter of 1.5mm wire; by removing the paper roll cam and its axis Of the coupling pin, or remove the roller on the roller to achieve the paper roll does not swing, the purpose of smooth paper.

3, when the whiteboard, the offset press control or the gap should be a corresponding increase; side gauge and the former regulation of the gap between the paper and the paper, the safety bar and the distance between the cardboard Increase some.

4, the distance between the delivery pad and the impression cylinder surface and the distance between the paper feed pad and the paper feed pad are increased and the distance is approximately equal to the thickness of the paper plus 0.3 mm.

Second, the roller liner and pressure adjustment

When printing whiteboards, the center of the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder is the same. Simply adjust the center of the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder. In the printed 250-450g / m2 white paper, the center distance of the drum can be increased by 0.20-0 .4mm, due to the poor smooth surface of the whiteboard, more rough, the paper is too close to the degree of tight paper, paper, white paper, but also pay attention to the printing pressure corresponding to increase a little.

If the gap between the printing drum and the blanket is 3.95mm, the gap between the rubber roller and the impression cylinder is 3.40mm, the printing drum is 0.65-0.75mm The overall liner of the blanket is 3.15-3.35 mm (measured with a micrometer). If the paper is thinned, the reduced thickness should be the thickness of the lining that is removed from the plate gasket In the blanket, if the paper at the time of printing is thin and thick, the thickness of the blanket is reduced by a certain thickness and the corresponding thickness is applied to the pad of the plate cylinder.

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