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Printing Pore
Nov 30, 2016

Nature generally refers to the white paper suitable for printing with printability, including some of its transportation, storage performance characteristics. Its printability is a necessary condition, replicate the quality of printing should have physical, chemical comprehensive reflection. Nature of the white paper must reflect the best print quality and color effects. Paper in the drum during the operation, can block absorption of ink on a smooth transfer to the surface, for the complete, full, clear colourful illustrations imprinting.

White paper printability, including: paper ink absorption and pore structure of paper smoothness and compressibility; the surface strength of the paper; paper pH and moisture content of the paper and scalability.

White Board is made up of a variety of plant fibers woven into a mesh with each other in such a network, in the pores between fibers and then add some filler, glue, pigments to meet the characteristics of the paper itself should have. Filler to improve brightness, smoothness, opacity of the paper into rubber is so that the paper has a certain degree of water resistance, not easily be infiltration by water or other liquids into color, makes the white paper higher albedo. White paper the pore structure is the Foundation of paper absorb ink, print Crystal osmotic drying is one of the key factors. Therefore, to understand the paper ink absorption, it is necessary to first understand the pore structure of the paper. Because paper pore structure and penetration of the ink, infiltration speed, smoothness, ink printing the penetration of solidification and drying as well as print quality has a close relationship.

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