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Printing Technique And Precautions Of Coated White Board
Aug 18, 2017

Printing techniques and notes for the blank and double coated white board

1. Concentration: ink in large concentration of ink is less used in printing and ink color is better; Small ink in printing ink is more used, ink light;

2. Fineness: the size of ink particles and high inks; Large printing ink, clear and powerful print outlets; The ink is low, the dot of the printed matter is easy to hair, the printing plate has low printing rate;

3. Viscosity, large viscosity, easy to cause transmission ink, dot hair and flower version; Small viscosity, easy to cause ink emulsification and the layout of the surface;

4. Flow degree: large flow, it will make the text level unclear, ink color is not full; The flow degree is small, so that the ink spread is not smooth, uneven, easy to cause in the same printing surface of the former deep post-light or before the deep phenomenon;

5. Light resistance: bright ink with good light resistance, brilliant color printing, full and firm, solid, three-dimensional sense, and can be kept for a long time; Inks with poor light resistance, the color of the printed products can be lighter and darker.

6, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, for offset printing ink, pay special attention to the water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance, strong inks, printed products, bright color, distinct, points clear; Waterproof, acid resistant, alkali resistant, poor ink, the printed product is grey and weak, the level is unknown, the dot is not clean.

White board paper generally requires close texture, smooth surface, uniform thickness, non-fluffing paper, good absorptive ability and small expansion rate to meet the requirements of multi-color overprinting. In order to fit the requirement of box, white board paper should have the characteristics of high degree of resistance. The main technical indexes of homemade white board paper are quantitative, tightness, sizing, smoothness, whiteness, transverse fastness, transverse stiffness, dust and moisture.