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Requirements For Wrapping Paper
Aug 02, 2017

For the packaging of various goods and materials of paper, generally have a high physical strength and a certain degree of water resistance. According to the characteristics of the goods, the packaging of paper with the corresponding special performance packaging paper, the largest amount is the packaging of bulk powder granulated industrial and agricultural raw materials, such as cement, fertilizer and other paper bags of paper, are generally made of 3 to 4 layers of paper, It is also known as multi-layer paper bag paper, to distinguish it from the packaging of light goods other bags of paper. This type of wrapping paper mainly requires high strength, resistance to heavy load, impact resistance, and the appropriate through the chest. Food packaging paper specifications of the most. And divided into two kinds of packaging and packaging with two categories. Direct contact with food called inner wrapping paper, the main requirements of clean, without bacteria, with moisture, oil, anti-stick, mildew and other characteristics. Outside the packaging paper mainly to beautify and protect the goods, in addition to a certain physical strength, the need for clean and beautiful, suitable for printing multi-color product patterns and text. For the milk, vegetable juice and other liquid beverage packaging paper, must also have excellent anti-permeability. In order to be able to save long-term preservation, preservation of the needs of recent years, the development of paper and metal film composite, paper and plastic and metal film composite special beverage flexible packaging paper (see food packaging containers). In order to meet the needs of metal equipment and tools rust, the development of rust-proof paper. Most of the cardboard is also used for the packaging of goods, mainly used in the manufacture of cartons, cartons and packaging liner.

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