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The Market Demand Ahead Of The Overdraft All The Way Skyrocketing Whiteboard Prices Fell
May 31, 2017

According to the forward-looking database data show that as of March 24, China's white paper market average price of 4421.67 yuan / ton, the chain fell again last week 200 yuan / ton, down 4.33%.

The following is the average price of whiteboard market since 2016:white board.jpg

As raw materials prices such as waste paper and paper prices have risen, domestic papermaking companies have raised the price of paper, while under pressure from environmental protection, some seriously polluting paper enterprises have been eliminated, the market supply has been reduced, paper prices have skyrocketed and whiteboard prices have continued to rise.

Analysis of the whiteboard paper prices on the map, the first quarter of 2017 whiteboard price shocks forward, due to January-February whiteboard prices last year's trend, prices rose sharply, but due to abnormal price increases, paper mill production enthusiasm, whiteboard A substantial increase in market supply, according to incomplete statistics, the first quarter of 2017 whiteboard production totaled 2.25 million tons, an increase of 9.76%. Downstream customers worried about the price continued to rise sharply, demand ahead of overdraft, so since March dealer stocking enthusiasm is not high, whiteboard prices began to decline.

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