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The Use Of White Paperboard
Aug 25, 2017

White board is a white and smooth white, smooth gray on the back of the cardboard, this cardboard is mainly used for single-sided color printing made of cartons for packaging use, or for the design, handmade products.

White paper sheet size is 787mm * 1092mm, large size paper size 889 * 1194mm, or according to the provisions of the contract to produce other specifications or roll paper. White board because of relatively uniform fiber structure, the surface layer with filler and the composition of the compound, and the surface coated with a certain coating, and after multi-roll calendering, so the cardboard texture is relatively close, the thickness is relatively uniform. Its paper is generally more white and smooth, with a more uniform ink absorption, surface powder and hair loss phenomenon is less, paper is more tough and has a good folding resistance, but its high water content , Generally about 10%, there is a certain degree of flexibility, which will bring a certain impact on the printing. White paper and coated paper, offset paper, letterpress paper is the difference between the paper grams of heavy, heavy paper and the positive and negative colors are different, white paper for a white side of the white, also known as gray coated white paper.

White board is mainly used in the sale of packaging important material, because the board is thick, with a certain cushion, so the packaging has a certain protective effect. Advanced whiteboard paper can be obtained by color printing and coated paper similar to the effect, commonly used in packaging food, medicine, cosmetics, toys, home appliances and other household items, play a role in beautification and publicity. Can also be used as a product tag, liner and plastic packaging, such as the end of care. Whiteboard paper is also often used by designers for composite containers made of aluminum foil and plastic, instead of metal containers and glass containers for packaging materials, food, milk and so on.

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